How to log your counts and what to do when it doesn't seem to work

We’ll be adding information about the counter and its usage here shortly.

For the time being, these are the key points:

  • ENTER EACH SESSION OR DAY, NOT THE GROWING TOTAL – the system does the adding up
    • for instance, you do 2,000 on day one, you enter 2,000; then you do 3,000 on day two and enter 3,000, etc.
  • enter the number of mantras, NOT the malas, so if you have done 10 malas, enter 1080.
  • if you are using this on mobile, the three little lines in the top-right-corner are the menu
  • tapping/clicking on the logo will bring you back to the counting page
  • if you can’t find your center, add it to the list and select your country — if you are not part of a center, create a virtual one so your counts are logged for your country properly
  • your display name (you’ve chosen that during registration) will be visible in the ranking – we highly recommend you go to PROFILE and make sure it is a name you want to be listed as…doesn’t have to be your real name if you are shy
    • if you are totally shy, contact us and we can switch off your listing while you can still count, however, since that kind of defies the purpose of this app, we’d much rather you don’t
  • if you made a mistake entering your count, also please contact us and we’ll help
  • lastly, we highly recommend to enter targets for your practices in PROFILE – makes it a lot more powerful and beneficial
  • enter the number of mantras, NOT the malas, so if you have done 10 malas, enter 1080 (yes, this is already listed above, but it bears repeating)

Need more help? Drop us a line.

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